Media Training Testimonials

Julian Gay de Montella | Google Ireland
Julian Gay-de-Montella

Google (Ireland) and President of Junior Chamber International

“On behalf of Dublin’s Junior Chamber International we would like to recognize Fiona both for her outstanding training skills, as well as for helping us with our effort to raise our brand visibility and improve our audience reach via video. From our work with Fiona and in particular her training session on 11 May 2013 (35 attendees at Google HQ Building in Dublin), it is clear she is a Top Video Trainer – and a truly remarkable presenter with evident expertise in her field. We were really impressed with her work, as she goes beyond teaching how to make effective videos, but understands the business side of making these videos, the importance of online videos presently, how to best film and put together the videos, and how best to promote an organization through these media. We have seen first-hand that film-making expertise is necessary and valuable for our organization. We are therefore happy to highlight Fiona’s knowledge in this field and to attest she is a professional, engaging, and very effective trainer. On a personal note, Fiona was a delight to work with and clearly passionate about video-making given her extensive experience. Anyone who engages Fiona for Video Training can expect it to make a difference, and most of all – see she adds real value from her knowledge. We are very pleased to have improved our video-making skills from her training and confident about recommending her to anyone else looking for an expert in this field.”

British Council | Media Training Testimonials
David Blundell

British Council (global)

“Fiona Ashe has contributed to the content creation module of the British Council/RazorSocial Advanced Social Media training course for the last two years and her tuition has been absolutely excellent. This year, we were focusing on all aspects of making video production successful and her technical knowledge and video expertise greatly contributed to the success of the training module. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona and look forward to working with her again soon.”

Chris Lascor | Junior Chamber International
Chris Lascor

Former President, Junior Chamber International

“I attended the “Online video” workshop Fiona gave to JCI (Junior Chamber International) Dublin members. This 3-hour session gave me a very good overview of what happens behind the scenes. It was a very informative workshop, which allowed everyone to take something home. Anyone thinking about using video to promote his/her business should attend Fiona’s workshop.”

Noirin Halligan
Nóirín Mosley

Race Party, Australia

“Social media is now a requirement for all successful businesses and Fiona Ashe is a pioneer in developing online strategies. She taught me how to create content that engages consumers and how to generate interactivity on my website. Fiona designed a superb cross-platform strategy for me – integrating Facebook and Twitter along with photo-sharing and social bookmarking sites. This allows me to tap into relevant online conversations, grow my network, build a community around my company and share my products with that community.”

Christabel Falzon Ronayne | Media Training Testimonials
Christabel Falzon Ronayne


“I attended a workshop on ‘Online Video Training’ delivered by Fiona. Fiona’s approach was calm, composed and she engaged very well with the audience. She is an excellent communicator with a great ability to break the information down with very good video examples, which made the subject matter very interesting and enjoyable!”

Government Ireland | Copywriting Testimonial | Flasheforward
Government Official

Government of Ireland

“The Briefing Notes & Submissions course is excellent in content and execution. Trainer Fiona Ashe has exceptional communication skills. Her skills and methods used throughout this course would be of huge benefit in wider communication-related training for our department and, I believe, for the public service as a whole.”

Rana Qubain
Rana Qubain

Investment World for Development and Technology, Jordan

“Fiona’s masterclass was an advanced social media class that added to my knowledge. It was very helpful. I would recommend Fiona Ashe’s social media training courses to others because she delivers what she promises and she follows up with her students on all discussed issues.”

Media Training Testimonials | Flasheforward
Jairam Ramaswamy


“Fiona was brilliant with her video training course, which I attended in Google HQ. She was really good with her explanations, very funny and kept the class very interested. She has a good knowledge of this. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting into the depths of making professional videos.”

Government Ireland | Copywriting Testimonial | Flasheforward
Government Official

Government of Ireland

“Fiona was an excellent trainer — she really engaged well with the group and made the topics incredibly easy to understand. The materials provided were particularly helpful as they can be used in the future for reference and are clear and detailed enough to use without the instructor.”

Ronan Dennedy | Louth County Enterprise Board | Local Enterprise Office Louth
Ronan Dennedy

CEO, Louth County Enterprise Board

“Fiona brings a wealth of experience to the subject of social media networking and its business value and delivers her presentations with a great deal of flair, energy and enthusiasm.”

Nadia Dibs | Deloitte
Nadia Dibs


“It contained must-have tips for making a (hopefully) viral video and send a message across. I would definitely recommend this training to people in the cinema industry and fairly new to video-making. I would also recommend it to entrepreneurs.”

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce | Media Training Tesimonials | Flasheforward
Bill Tosh

CEO, Dundalk Chamber of Commerce

“Fiona brings huge energy and professional focus to her social media workshops. She couches the methodology et al with identifiable reference points, which bring clarity to the subject matter. Participants leave with pointers which they can easily refer to as/when they implement her advice within their own businesses.”

Sean MacEntee | RDC Dundalk Institute of Technology
Sean MacEntee

Regional Development Centre, Dundalk Institute of Technology

“Fiona Ashe is an excellent Trainer and Mentor in all aspects of social networking and online marketing. She delivers enlightening, interactive training sessions which empower businesses to get a handle on the complexities of social media. She is also much-sought-after as a social media mentor to work directly with entrepreneurs on DkIT’s Novation Enterprise Platform Programme.”

Sam Lehane | Entrepreneur
Samuel Lehane


“Fiona provided a very good introduction to online videos which not only provided a good base for which I can build on, but also sparked a real interest in me to pursue finding out more about this area. I would thoroughly recommend her presentations.”

Garrett Duffy | RDC DkIT
Garrett Duffy

Regional Development Centre, DkIT

“Fiona’s knowledge and use of social media marketing techniques and platforms led us to engage her to join the delivery team on the Novation Enterprise Platform Programme. Fiona is a get-up-and-go person and is extremely focused on achieving her goals and she has used these skills to great effect mentoring participants.”

IBM | Media Training Testimonials
Franziska Mesche


“Fiona’s training provided a very good overview of the different elements of movie-making. As I am a complete beginner in this field, I found the workshop very insightful. The workshop introduced the different elements of video-making by providing good facts as well as hands-on video examples. I would recommend it due to its good and wide overview of video-making.”

Maeve Whelan | Dublin Theatre Festival
Maeve Whelan

Dublin Theatre Festival

“I loved that Fiona’s training was interactive and had concrete actions to take – really found it useful.”

Michelle Daly Hayes | Media Training Testimonials | Flasheforward
Michelle Daly-Hayes


“Excellent. It was a snapshot into the world of high-quality video production. Very insightful. Thanks so much for your training, Fiona! It was really excellent…..has gotten me all fired up about video!”

Thaynan Mariano | Junior Chamber International
Thaynan Mariano

International Vice President, Junior Chamber International

“Fiona is such a great trainer! She is experienced and knows how to conduct the training! The video training was brilliant! I am really happy with what I learned!”

Lewis Evans

Artist, Author, Speaker

“It’s one thing finding someone who gets the job done, and another thing entirely to work with someone like Fiona, whose creativity, fine judgment, eye for detail, and sheer professionalism makes the work a joy to do. Fiona is someone I know I can rely on completely, who’ll go the extra mile, and do it with good grace and the determination to achieve the best possible result. But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Her work speaks for itself, and the awards she has gained are a well-deserved reflection of these qualities. I wholeheartedly look forward to the day when we can collaborate on another project.”