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Whether you’re an author or a publisher, your books need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. A professional editor is the key to ensuring that happens!

In 2016, Fiona Ashe edited — and published through Flasheforward Communications — ’31 Years of Hell! 1914–1945′, a book about the two world wars and the interwar years. It was featured on the Joe Duffy radio show, was stocked in independent bookstores around Ireland, and has sold copies in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.

31 Years of Hell | Eamonn Ashe | World War book

Fiona wrote an article for The Irish Times on how to get ahead in self-publishing. It contains lots of great tips on how to give your self-published book an edge in a crowded marketplace.

Fiona has also edited and published ‘Walking On Air’, an autobiography by first-time independent author Francis O’ Toole. She subsequently edited his second book ‘Mindfulness Unlocked’.

Francis O Toole Author Testimonial for Book Editor
Francis O’ Toole

Author and Guidance Counsellor

“To write beautifully with awe and wonder, I advocate Fiona Ashe for her editing and proofreading skills. She empowered and supported me in every step of my journey to publish two books. She is patient, kind, committed, and dedicated. With confidence, I would recommend her expertise to anyone.”

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With extensive experience as a professional copywriter and business writing skills trainer, Fiona Ashe is a proficient book editor and proofreader. She is also a very experienced broadcast journalist, which ensures she brings accuracy and attention to detail to her work. Fiona would be delighted to have a chat with you about editing your book: click here to contact her!