At Flasheforward Communications, we help you to attract new clients through compelling videos, creating compelling content, and providing training for your team. We have four core services:

  1. Video Production
  2. In-Company Media Training Courses (delivered online or in person.
  3. Content Writing
  4. Book Editing

Video Production

Video is the most engrossing, persuasive media; and video marketing has exploded as a communications currency over the past few years. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world after (its owner) Google, so it’s equally as important to be found there when internet users search for keywords relevant to your industry!

Video facilitates you to capture viewers’ attention in many ways, including:

  • an engaging landing page video that attracts potential customers to your company, products and services;
  • compelling video blogs;
  • impressive videos of your events and conferences;
  • video ads that promote your company on social media platforms;
  • promos which are optimised for mobile phone distribution;
  • video testimonials from your clients.

Please click the following links to (a) learn how video marketing benefits your business, (b) view samples of our videos, (c) meet our video team, or (d) see testimonials for our videos.

We’d be delighted to hear from you about how we can create eye-catching videos to promote your brand or teach your team to create impactful videos to grow your business.

In-Company Media Training

For individuals, expert media training is an opportunity to get recognition, boost your work status, and improve your business opportunities. Learn how to improve your communications skills through courses for media skills.

For managers, regular training is the key to ensuring your staff’s skills are up to date and that they remain motivated.

From Storytelling to Making Videos On A Smartphone to Report Writing, we have a range of media courses to choose from.

If you’re interested in a course tailored to your team’s needs, please let us know.

Content Writing

Great copywriting evokes an emotional response from your readers and people buy products / services for emotional reasons. If you have excellent writing on your website and marketing materials, it will resonate with your readers’ logical side and show them why your products/services are the very best solution to their problems. So if you want to increase sales, you need better copy.

Fiona Ashe of Flasheforward Communications has more than twenty years’ experience of professional copywriting.  She specialises in writing press releases, website content, blogs, articles, video scripts, brochure copy and social media content. Samples of her work are available on our content writing page.

If you need great content for your website, blog or marketing materials, please get in touch.

Book Editing

Fiona Ashe has also edited three books, including 31 Years of Hell! 1914–1945, a concise history of the two world wars and the interwar period.

If you have a book that needs a professional editor, please reach out.